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All the THINGS!

inform, learn, grow.

Tracey Burnap with arms folded like a boss

grow here.

This list will grow, you will grow.

I am so excited to be able to offer this page for you to grow your knowledge, confidence, and courage. I will add to this page whenever I feel the need, come across new information, or have been on a knowledge adventure. ;)

Below, you'll find links to resources organized by topic. If you have any ideas for new topics, please reach out to me! 

Let's grow together!

<3 Tracey

Hair Growth/Regrowth

Natural Remedies for Hair Loss

RepHair by Organic Colour Systems

Essential Oils for HairLoss/Growth

What Causes Hair Loss?

Lack of Vital Vitamins and Minerals




Supplements for Hair Growth

B Vitamins




Staying Healthy

Doctors Nationwide

Dr. Peter McCullough

Dr. Sherry Tenpenny

Green Med Info

Sayer Ji

Dr. Mercola

Doctors Local to Chicagoland

Eisenstein Clinic

Well Rooted Pediatrics

Thrive Pediatrics

Next Generation Pediatrics

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Thrive MD

Dr. Paul Schattauer

Deignan Family Chiropractic

My Favorite Hair Tools

Blow Dryers

BioIonic 10x Blowdryer

Styling/Curling Irons

BioIonic Styling Iron

BioIonic Curling Iron


BioIonic Hair Brushes


Hair Accessories


Hair Ties

Skin Care and Makeup

Organic/Natural Skin Care

Facial Treatments

Facial Masks

Organic/Natural Makeup

Less Toxic Makeup

Body Care

Lotions & Salves

(These products below will bring you to ahavah ORGANIC SpALON's Neal's Yard Remedies Organic affiliate website)

Wild Rose Beauty Balm

Bee Lovely Hand Cream

Comfrey & Mallow Foot Cream


Life Stinks

Skin Treatments



Pacha (online or in stores)

Dirt Tribe (local, handmade)

Bath products

Magnesium Flakes

Epsom Salts

Bentonite Clay

CBD Bath Soaks

Bath Bombs

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