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Organic, Toxin Free, Natural Skin Care

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Is it too good to be true? Can I really have organic, toxin free, natural, cruelty free skin care that actually works?! It's true, you can! I found Orgaid at the hair & beauty show I volunteer at every year, and I was so excited I bought the whole line! I have been using it for months now and I am loving it. So, I wanted to share it with you all.

This is straight from their website:


ORGAID is committed to creating formulations with three main values in mind:

  • Usage of organic, non-toxic, cruelty-free ingredients

No parabens. No formaldehyde. No phenoxyethanol. No alcohols. No phthalates. No sulfates. No synthetic fragrance. No animal testing.

  • Effective delivery of organic formulations

  • Cosmetically pleasing skincare experience

I can tell you this, they have kept their promise! I read ingredients like it's my job, and I had nothing but smiles while reading Orgaid's ingredients! As for effective delivery - oh yeah, they work! My skin feels hydrated, but not greasy; glowing, but not overly shiny; fresh and smooth. And the experience while using this amazing skincare? Definitely pleasing! They smell wonderful, feel great, and I can rest assured that I am only putting the best skin care onto my skin (and therefore, also into my body!).

There is not a giant selection of products, which I love. Makes choosing the right products way less confusing! There are two cleansers, and yes, I do use both!

The Cleansing Oil, Ultra Deep Cleanse is perfect for removing makeup. Apply it to dry skin, massage all the makeup loose, then add a little bit of water and lather it up! Rinse and enjoy a makeup free face.

Then I follow it up with Gentle Cleanser to refresh and hydrate. It gets any little bits of the day off and leaves my skin feeling so soft.

Next comes Balancing Toner with Vitamin B3, it feels so refreshing, zero tingling, and balances my skin's pH. It's great for refreshing throughout the day, too!

Morning and night, I use the Youth Serum with Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Acid, it's moisturizing and anti-aging. Win-win! Vitamin C is an antioxidant and it helps to regulate collagen while Hyaluronic Acid protects and repairs your skin.

Usually just at night, but sometimes (especially during the winter) in the morning, the next product I use is the Organic Face Oil with Amaranth Squalene. What is Amaranth Squalene? It comes from the amaranth seed (looks like a miniature version of quinoa), it's a fantastic antioxidant, moisturizer, and leaves my skin feeling smooth and satisfied. ;)

Once or twice a week, I use the Purifying Face Polish. Yes, this is their exfoliator. But let me tell you, it's like no other exfoliator I've ever used. It is so smooth and gentle, no little micro tears in my skin, no little plastic beads to ruin the ocean, just honey and brown rice goodness! It smells wonderful (as do all the products!), and makes my skin so smooth and soft, takes away any dullness, and is full of antioxidants.

And last, but certainly not least, Orgaid Sheet Masks! There are three formulations to choose from. I have only tried two so far, Vitamin C & Revitalizing, and Anti-Aging & Moisturizing. First, Vitamin C & Revitalizing- boosts collagen, brightens & evens complexion, and fights free radicals. And my skin felt so moisturized and my complexion really was brighter! Next I tried the Anti-Aging & Moisturizing sheet mask. My skin was very hydrated afterwards, but not oily or sticky, it just felt good. And I think some fine lines were gone. ;)

The one sheet mask I haven't tried yet is the Greek Yogurt & Nourishing mask. They do sell a multipack with 2 of each mask, I am going to buy this multipack next.

One thing I haven't mentioned, but it's the first thing that drew me to Orgaid- the packaging! Everything is in glass (except the sheet masks), which helps to preserve the products better than plastic. And the lids! Bamboo! I love bamboo... it takes a lot of self control to not buy all the (bamboo) things!!

Oh gosh, and another thing! It's all made in the USA, in California. I love supporting companies that keep their business in the USA.

Here's what my bathroom setup looks like, the packaging is beautiful, I keep it on display!

Interested in trying Orgaid? Use this link and don't forget to sign up for 10% off your first order. And make sure you tell me what you love!!

P.S. yeah, I do get a commission when you use my link, so I do appreciate you using my link! :)

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